Independent Apartment Living

6 Apartments. 2 Stories. You in Mind.

For students to achieve independence, LifeWorks will provide supported living accommodations for up to 26 individuals. There will be 2 residence counselors living on site to assist with issues of daily living that may be encountered. Participants will live independently in an apartment with a roommate. Counselors will be on site to assist with areas of need.

The Space

Floor One

Reception/Administration area, great room/lounge/gathering area, kitchen, outdoor deck, lower patio, classroom, conference room, seminar room, offices, file room, 1 ADA 2-bedroom apartment.

Floor Two

4 small rooms, 1 classroom, 1 multipurpose room, 3 2-bedroom units, 1 3-bedroom unit, 1 2-bedroom sensory unit.


The ground includes a 2 bedroom townhouse and a 3 bedroom townhouse.