What Your Gift Means To LifeWorks At WKU

Approximately 50,000 individuals on the autism spectrum turn 18 each year in the United States. We are today where senior housing was 50 years ago—and look at the plethora of choices the marketplace has developed for seniors. We have a burgeoning population in need of homes and services that must transcend outdated and limited models. We need new models that match the interests and needs of individuals with the right property location, design and amenities rooted in communities everywhere. A new generation of dynamic housing models is only possible by collectively tapping private, public, philanthropic and nonprofit interests.

Supported Living

Help continue our mission to maximize independence, community connections, personal enrichment and quality of life.

Supported Employment

Guide adults on the autism spectrum to grow their capacity to live independently through transitional housing, life skills and vocational training.

Community Engagement

Offer specialized training and certification programs to increase success in transition to adult life.