Mission & Core Beliefs

Our Mission Statement

Living, Working, Relaxing, Relating . . . a neurodiverse/neurotypical partnership to create our best lives.

Our goal is to facilitate a living, learning environment that empowers individuals with Autism and other learning differences to realize their full potential and successfully transition to leading lives of independence, self-direction, and inclusion.

Core Beliefs

Participants First

We value each participant as an individual – having unique backgrounds, talents, and life dreams. We believe that individuals with Autism or other learning-differences have inherent value and should be defined by their gifts and abilities rather than diagnoses or labels. We adhere to the principles of person-centered philosophy, believing that listening is critical, and that supports should be centered around the participant’s voice.

Community Inclusion

We believe that community membership can facilitate invaluable personal opportunities, resources, and relationships. We hold that all individuals deserve access and opportunity to fully engage in all areas of community – including work, leisure, and living. Thus, we are committed to providing the support and guidance, both inside and outside the classroom, essential to building community-connection for each participant.

LifeWorks at WKU Mentoring

Valued Social Roles

Individuals with Autism are often marginalized because of societal attitudes and misperceptions. We believe that gaining valued social roles (i.e., employee, volunteer, neighbor) better positions individuals with Autism to experience the good things in life – acceptance, respect, friendship, career opportunities, safety and so on. We are committed to helping participants achieve positive status by enhancing their social image and strengthening their competencies, in the widest sense of the term.

Community Contribution

Individuals with Autism or other learning differences possess tremendous potential and abilities to make meaningful contributions to society through employment and volunteerism. We believe that employment can enrich and add purpose to each person’s life.