Supported Employment for meaningful work
Supported Living For Independence Skills
LifeWorks at WKU Mentoring

The focus of LifeWorks at WKU is the transition into independent living, securing employment, and engaging in community and leisure activities for autistic students ready to enter the workforce. LifeWorks at WKU utilizes Learn4Independence curriculum, a 32-course, scaffolded curriculum that focuses on skills to promote living independently and working successfully. This curriculum implements person centered planning, designed to accommodate various types of individuals with learning differences and is adaptable to diverse community and cultural needs.

At LifeWorks at WKU, our focus is on independence, productivity, and community engagement; and we operate under a four tier program to accomplish this.

The Four Tiers

Supported Living

Participants feel at home while learning daily independent living skills in specially designed apartments with multi-purpose spaces that promote community.

Supported Employment

Explore career opportunities, and receive instruction and mentorship to learn the critical skills needed to not only maintain employment, but also to be successful in the workplace.

Community Engagement

Participants will flourish among their neighbors in a nurturing and creative atmosphere specifically designed to connect with the community through a variety of local attractions.

Relationship Building

Participants are empowered to have meaningful relationships for personal fulfillment that prepares them to integrate into community life.